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Maison Image by Moira Matthews

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Sebastian Pielles


Sebastian Pielles is a fashion and portrait photographer based between Berlin and Paris. Self-taught and a true Berliner, he has never studied, but has assisted renowned photographers such as Andreas Mühe and Joachim Baldauf. His distinctive style is bold, cool and snotty - raw, sexy and very Berlin. His pictures are spontaneous and not very staged. Sebastian likes to stage edgy, flashed without much light setting and big light equipment fuss. He loves to capture the pure and authentic moment, with all its coarseness and sometimes brutal reality. As a result, his images are sharp as a razor blade and on the pulse of time like the cities he loves so much: Berlin and Paris.

Sebastian prefers the madness of passion to the indifference of wisdom - that best describes his work, because he likes to work driven by the moment. Sebastian finds inspiration wherever he happens to be: in the streets of Paris and Berlin, in the clubs, the scene and at the Bazaar of the Vanities, the Parisian fashion circus, as he affectionately calls his adopted home. As part of the Berlin art scene, founder of the Berlin Art Collective "Foyou" and resident artist with his painting at "Mahalla Berlin", art plays a driving and important role in his work, whether in photography, film or on canvas.

His Clients include brands like Dior, Givenchy, Taakk, Talel Paris, Lutz Huelle, Lala Berlin, Koché, Converse, La Biosthetique, Charlotte Tilbury, Marina Hoermannseder, Sony Music, Unviversal Music, Adam and Eve, Warner Music, Marcel Ostertag, Cante Berlin, Lucien Pages, Häberlein & Mauerer und 1889 France sowie die Magazine Numéro Netherlands, Contributor, Fucking Young, Achtung, French Fries, L'Officiel Austria, Whitelies und Kaltblut Magazine.