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Maison Image by Moira Matthews

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Photo Consulting

Visual consulting always pays off—if the presentation of the work is right, the orders will increase. I will be happy to advise you on optimizing your portfolio, help you select your images for your book and website, and also support you in repositioning your portfolio or the focus of your work spectrum. With Maison Image, the presentation of your work takes on a new, visual radiance!

Another important service for photographers is the support with all fee and copyright agendas. I support you in your calculation, the calculation of fair copyrights, as well as in legal matters.

As a photo producer I am happy to take over the production of photo shoots. The Maison Image carefree package includes the organization, coordination, and on-site support of shootings—including booking of studios and locations as well as the complete creative team (stylists, hair and make-up artists, casting, model booking etc.). Furthermore, I take care of the entire final accounting of a project and prepare a total invoice for the respective client.

Maison Image's Photographers Management includes placement, booking and all administrative services as well as the handling of complete photo productions for my photographers. In addition to the communication with clients and the development of new markets including acquisition, I take care of the calculation and negotiation of fees, including copyrights, and help solve any problems with clients for my photographers. Portfolio consulting and repositioning round out my services for photographers. My photographers benefit from the services of Maison Image's Photographers Management due to my many years of experience as a photographer's agent, my previous work with many well-known photographers, and my broad network.

I am also happy to offer some of my services to photographers who are not represented in my agency.