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Marlen Mueller


Marlen Mueller is a German photographer and director based in Berlin. Marlen's focus in photography and film is on fashion, portrait and reportage. Her work is authentic, radiates fresh vibes and conveys pure joy for life. She likes to stage her models naturally. This is what makes her images so intoxicatingly happy and refreshing. Timeless quality, a relaxed and authentic look and feel are close to Marlen's heart. Her work oscillate between pure lightness and modern truthfulness - all this beyond hypes or trends.

Intimate moments, the feeling of closeness as well as the beauty and delicate fragility of nature play a supporting role in Marlen's staging. This way, she creates a visual language characterised by intuition and sensitivity that seems deeply human and authentic and conveys a great deal of emotion. Marlen's warm and heartfelt way brings a positive mood on set. Her style mediates warmth and is inspired by American cities and Scandinavian landscapes she encountered on her road trips. Marlen also enjoys shooting analogue and feels comfortable both on location, in nature, and in the studio. She is fascinated by interpersonal relationships and the important subject of sustainability.

Marlen's commercial clients include brands such as CLOSED, AboutYou, Calvin Klein, Auralee, Tommy Hilfiger, DAWN Denim, Tom Tailor, Marc Cain, Airbnb, Zalando, OTTO, OPUS and Gucci Beauty and titles like Style Magazine, Die ZEIT and ZEIT Magazin.