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Diane Betties


Cartier Bresson's maxim of the "decisive moment" also inspires the image aesthetic of Berlin-based photographer Diane Betties. In her works, she always manages to capture the fleeting reality of the moment - and does so unforced, subtly, and with sensitivity, without an excess of staging. This creates intimate, real moments that establish a sense of familiarity, closeness, and empathy between her protagonists and the viewer. Diane Betties likes to portray her muses, both male and female, authentically and strongly as well as fragile and vulnerable at the same time. This makes each of her fashion photographs an expressive, modern, and timeless portrait. Diane Betties published two coffee table books in 2015 and 2016 titled "IBIZA Nudes".

Based in Paris and Berlin, Diane Betties was born in Germany and started her career in London.

Diane Betties's commercial clients include brands such as: Adidas, Nivea, About You, Comma Fashion, Club of Gents, Skin Stories by Beiersdorf, Peony Swimwear, Kyrö Gin, as well as the titles: Vogue Portugal, Vogue Turkey, Vogue Arabia, Vogue CZ, GQ Portugal, The GREATest Magazine, Elle Arabia, Elle Greece, CAP74024, Highsnobiety, Teeth Magazine, REVs Magazine, WÜL Magazine, WRPD Magazine, and Hunger TV.

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