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Omid Aghdami


Omid Aghdami is a fashion photographer and director, based in Hamburg. His images are works of art that oscillate between light and shadow. Omid playfully combines bold colors with powerful black and white photography. In his work he likes to approach artificial intelligence with sensitivity: AI flows cautiously into Omid's work and is used as a stylistic element, but always in a classy and never in an overt artificial way. He is constantly exploring new ideas and pushing his own limits to evolve as a creative thinker. Omid’s work - sophisticated and sometimes slightly exaggerated - is characterized by a contemporary edgyness and a striking visual language that takes the viewer into a sphere between dream and reality.

Omid's artistic vision draws inspiration from music aesthetics of 1990s album covers and videos. Growing up as an immigrant in a small, impoverished town, these visuals became his gateway into a world of art, self-expression, and creativity.

Parallel to his commercial projects in film and photo, Omid expresses himself through personal projects that highlight deeper perspectives through philosophical and metaphysical ideas which he loves to translate into his films and photography - always incorporating fashion and artistic elements. With his roots in music and a profound contact with film music and composers, Omid developed his own unique way of visual storytelling that combines fashion, lifestyle, and beauty elements with a sense of experimental poetry creating precious imagery.

Omid’s work has gained recognition from industry luminaries such as Nick Knight and has been featured in various international magazines and film festivals, including the UK Fashion Festival, Berlin Commercial Festival, Ciclope and Bolton International Film Festival.

His clients include brands like Nivea, Skin Stories, Montblanc, Braun, Douglas, Gilette, Grohe, Lixil, Mytheresa, Marc Cain, Weihenstephan, Now Rubi, Krobos, Jadia and Edeka. As well as titles like Schön!, Kaltblut, Nicotine, The Kunst, Contributor, Achtung and Merde.

You will find Omid’s film work in the section Directors.