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Maison Image by Moira Matthews

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Meklit Tsige


Meklit Fekadu Tsige is an emerging German photographer with Ethiopian roots, based in Berlin. Her focus lies in fashion, commercial and portrait photography. The modern naturalness and authenticity in her photography comes easy, with a colorful, free and vivid visual language. Meklit loves to stage her models naturally, generating these personal and pure emotions in her images with a certain twist of edgyness. She also sees her work as an important educational task and opportunity to empower people, especially girls and women to remain true to themselves and to go their own individual way, apart from stereotypes and skin color. This way she processes her own emotions and experiences and transforms them into strong visual messages in form of images and campaigns.

Meklit was born in Ethiopia and moved to Munich with her family when she was seven, this influence gave her strength to listen to her heart and her roots, with whom she is deeply connected. She draws her greatest inspirations from music, the people around her and all facets of her native country, Ethiopia. A reason why Meklit’s work is often politically engaged and shows that perspectives in fashion and advertising photography must become much more diverse. Her portraits sparkle with pure joy for life and play with identity, body and feminist issues. The women she portrays always appear strong and self-confident.

Her clients include brands like H&M, Puma, Dr. Martens, Mytheresa, About You, Nike, Telekom, Reebok, Google and magazines such as Vogue, Missy Magazine and Das Wetter.