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Maison Image by Moira Matthews

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Katarina Šoškić


Katarina Šoškić is a Serbian photographer, based between Belgrade and Vienna, mostly commissioned in the field of portrait, fashion and travel/reportage photography. In her work she is interested in what she likes to call "human touch". This she achieves by working in small teams, creating an intimate atmosphere with the people she photographs, and by using analogue cameras and available light. Rather than planning every set in detail and focusing on technical aspects of photography, she looks after spontaneity, surprises and improvisation.

Katarina Šoškić focuses on modern naturalness and authenticity in her photography. Unobserved moments and staging people in their natural environment generate these very personal and pure emotions in her images with a certain twist of edgyness.

She has been working internationally for several clients including Chanel, Rosa Mosa, Mühlbauer, Jana Wieland, Gruene Erde, Bene, Burgtheater, Tanzquartier Wien, Freunde der Salzburger Festspiele, Tanzquartier Wien, Airbnb, Bundeshorste and Rendl and magazines like Numéro Berlin, Monocle, Apartamento and Sleek.