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Christoph Klutsch


Showreel Christoph Klutsch

Christoph Klutsch is a German beauty, fashion, and commercial photographer based in Frankfurt / Offenbach. His work oscillates between timeless elegance and expressive edgyness that comes with an international and sophisticated look. This way, Christoph's images convey a contemporary trendiness without losing perfection and glow. Christoph is able to bathe his models in a perfect and soft light without weakening their personality and edges. A culture clash of two opposite poles: rough, sublime, and thoughtful on the one hand; warm, hypnotizing, and dreamy on the other.

Christoph creates images that capture the pulse of the times, linger in your memory, and carry a tangible note of his creative roots. The headline "Offenbach not Paris" has become his trademark. Christoph, who also works as a director, is fascinated by the immediate power of the moment, by idealistic archetypes, and the concept of individual beauty itself. This is what makes his visual language so strong, appealing, and bursting with life energy. Due to his many years of experience and his precise vision, Christoph is well received by clients for realizing their ideas in a technically perfect and creative way.

His commercial clients include brands like Brands Hublot, Mercedes, Baunat Fine Diamonds, Toyota, Nivea, Wella, Garnier, Armani Cosmetics, Procter & Gamble, Eyes + More, Artdeco Cosmetics , Ariane Ernst, Eclat, LCN Beauty and DFB. He also works for magazines like Vogue Germany, Vogue Portugal, GQ Germany, GQ Portugal, Harper's Bazaar Greece, Harper's Bazaar Ukraine, Grazia UK, Grazia Germany, Grazia France, Grazia China, Schön!, Puss Puss and Sicky.